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By securing the top and neck of the patient, they use a small inflator bulb to pump air into the bellows of the device and supply compression aid. It offers a spread of tractive assist, with 5 adjustable positions for varied force, together with insertable legs to offer extension, flexion, and rotation as required. The design allows customers to lie in a snug, pure position for light cervical traction therapy. Lightweight, portable, and easy to make use of, this cervical traction unit offers five completely different positions along with insertable legs in order to customize its use to each user’s particular traction necessities. With its superior adjustability to satisfy quite a lot of cervical traction needs, the Pratos Five Position Cervical Traction Unit from Pro-Med Products makes our listing at #4.

Using a pneumatic air pump to inflate the system’s bellows, the Pronex system applies cervical traction without using a water weight bag or an over-door pulley system. Unlike the more commonly seen water weight bag and pulley methodology, the Pronex Pneumatic system provides a extra exact methodology of traction by the pumping of air into its bellows system.

The autocapitalize attribute permits authors to override that habits per-component. The person increases the stress of the stretch by way of a hand-held management, slowly deepening the strain, which pushes up on the pinnacle while pushing down on the shoulders. Pneumatic traction units deliver up to 20 to 50 pounds of strain, relying on the mannequin, and are typically preferred by customers requiring faster leads to a shorter amount of time.

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physical devices

Padded and comfortable to put on, users are encouraged to move round while they put on this traction system, a feature very appreciated by its customers, and in addition by the healthcare professionals treating these folks. As a drug-free different to surgery, Meditrac’s CerviCo2000 offers efficient cervical traction for each professional medical and residential use. Functioning in three dimensions, it offers diagonal, vertical, and horizontal support for extra complete traction remedy. Praise from both healthcare professionals and the customers themselves abounds for the CerviCo2000, and how efficient it is in relieving neck pain rapidly, and the way well it helped to correct various cervical backbone conditions.