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HD Radio, not like Eureka 147, is based upon a transmission method generally known as in-band on-channel transmission that permits digital info to “piggyback” on normal AM or FM analog transmissions. In a broadcast system, the central excessive-powered broadcast tower transmits a excessive-frequency electromagnetic wave to numerous low-powered receivers. The high-frequency wave sent by the tower is modulated with a sign containing visible or audio information. The receiver is then tuned in order to pick up the excessive-frequency wave and a demodulator is used to retrieve the signal containing the visible or audio info. Many nations have enacted laws which conforms to the International Telecommunication Regulations established by the International Telecommunication Union , which is the “leading UN company for information and communication know-how issues”. In 1947, at the Atlantic City Conference, the ITU determined to “afford international safety to all frequencies registered in a brand new worldwide frequency list … Read More