Power Working Systems

operating systems

Supported on Windows NT 4.0; Windows 2000 Professional; Windows XP Professional and Windows 2003 server operating system. Each process has its own TSS, whose descriptor is stored in the GDT.

Modern tendencies have been to extend page sizes, and some systems even have multiple measurement pages to try to make the best of each worlds. Note that paging is like having a table of relocation registers, one for each web page of the logical reminiscence.

Working Systems

An alternate choice is to store the web page table in main reminiscence, and to use a single register ( called the page-table base register, PTBR) to record the place in reminiscence the page table is situated. Process switching is quick, because solely the one register must be changed. Larger page sizes waste more memory, but are more efficient when it comes to overhead.

The TSS stores the hardware state of a course … Read More