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Tactical Communication System

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Companies trust Nordis to drive digital transformation and enhance buyer expertise and monetary efficiency with Expresso®, a robust platform that delivers full management and agility for creating, managing and distributing crucial digital and print communications. Nordis operates state-of-the-art doc manufacturing services in Las Vegas, Nevada and Coral Springs, Florida. Since the beginning of the programme, the capabilities of the UDTs have advanced, their original 256 MB RAMs and 20 GB drives having been outmoded by 512 MB RAMs and 40 GB drives.

Emergency Communications Division

These modifications provided substantial capacity enhancements through higher energy amplifiers, more delicate receivers, and extra antenna connectivity choices. The DSCS communications payload includes six independent Super High Frequency transponder channels that cover a 500 MHz bandwidth. Three obtain and five transmit antennas provide selectable choices for Earth coverage, space protection and/or spot beam protection.

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