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Msc Physics Syllabus

Remember that balloon fuel isn’t just helium – it has 3% air combined in with it. The major level is that the regulation holds for ideal gases however at atmospheric strain and room temperature they will not be that perfect. And is the deviation from ideality dependent on the molar mass of the gasoline, or whether or not it’s polar or non-polar, and where on earth do you get a polar gasoline from ?

Why Do We Not Record Black And White As Colors In Physics?

Try investigating drop time vs. temperature, kind of oil , dimension, mass or density of ball, width of column. This may be very messy; oil is such a ache to wash up you’re probably used to having another person clear up for you.

physics education

You’ll need to calculate resistivity so measure the diameter of the wire with a micrometer in several places (does it range?). Hmmm – that is turning out to be far more attention-grabbing than first thought. It is vitally necessary that motor oil would not get too skinny in summer time nor too thick in winter otherwise the car engine would possibly seize. A Falling Ball Viscometer uses the speed of descent of a ball bearing to measure the viscosity of a liquid.

So do not be stunned if your teacher appears reluctant and suggests you employ honey. The first thing you need to read is about Stokes’ Law and the variables inside. You may have cylinders however you could produce H2 and CO2 by reaction ; let some liquid nitrogen evaporate .