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Try investigating drop time vs. temperature, type of oil , measurement, mass or density of ball, width of column. This can be very messy; oil is such a pain to scrub up you’re probably used to having someone else clean up for you.

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You’ll need to calculate resistivity so measure the diameter of the wire with a micrometer in several locations (does it vary?). Hmmm – that is turning out to be way more interesting than first thought. It is vitally important that motor oil would not get too skinny in summer nor too thick in winter in any other case the automotive engine would possibly seize. A Falling Ball Viscometer uses the rate of descent of a ball bearing to measure the viscosity of a liquid.

So don’t be surprised if your teacher appears reluctant and suggests you utilize honey. The very first thing you … Read More

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Even when the skin temperature reaches 45°C, the within stays about 21°C. The day by day variation in radiation experienced by a soil surface causes the temperature on the surface to differ extensively through the day. The radiation level will change with the angle of the solar, at night, throughout cloudy days, throughout rain, or in numerous seasons. But the fluctuations beneath the surface are one other thing. The extra time taken for a particular depth to succeed in maximum temperature known as “part delay”. To measure the interval of a pendulum precisely, you usually measure the time for 10 oscillations and divide by 10. When your manipulated variables are size or mass you make angular displacement (θ) a controlled variable.

Hold the buzzer “bob” to at least one aspect and allow to swing in the direction of the microphone. … Read More

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A jug component is a simple way to experiment with nichrome. You ought to measure the diameter with a micrometer at proper angles to each other to ensure the wire has a circular cross-part . You should also measure it at several places along the wire in case it has been stretched in components. The other problem is that when you measure the resistance by impressing a volatge across the wire and measuring the current, you’ll get Joule heating. You will have to be careful about what voltage you use . You might also twist the wire right into a unfastened coil to see if there’s an interference from one activate the following. King’s Law is an empirical law only legitimate for a cylindrical wire in an incompressible low Reynolds number flow.

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It is determined by many hidden parameters like the side … Read More