data structures

17 1.2. Accessing Functions From Loaded Dlls¶

Stream Video from Online – Try to create your personal online streaming video player. SQL Query Analyzer – A utility software which a person can enter a query and have it run towards an area database and look for ways to make it more efficient. E-Card Generator – Make a web site that enables folks to generate their very own little e-playing cards and send them to other people. Use a picture library and perhaps insightful mottos or quotes.

Data Buildings

data structures

Keep monitor of the variety of objects and when you may must order extra. Airline / Hotel Reservation System – Create a reservation system which books airline seats or lodge rooms. It expenses various rates for particular sections of the airplane or resort. Keep track of when rooms will be available and can be scheduled.

Bulk Thumbnail Creator – Picture processing can take a little bit of time for some transformations. Create an image program which might take tons of of pictures and converts them to a specified dimension within the background thread when you do different issues. For added complexity, have one thread dealing with re-sizing, have another bulk renaming of thumbnails etc. Flower Shop Ordering To Go – Create a flower shop utility which offers in flower objects and use these flower objects in a bouquet object which might then be offered.

Port Scanner – Enter an IP tackle and a port range the place the program will then try to seek out open ports on the given pc by connecting to every of them. FTP Program – A file transfer program which might switch recordsdata backwards and forwards from a distant net sever. Regex Query Tool – A software that permits the person to enter a textual content string and then in a separate management enter a regex pattern. It will run the common expression towards the supply text and return any matches or flag errors in the common expression. Vigenere / Vernam / Ceasar Ciphers – Functions for encrypting and decrypting data messages. Count Words in a String – Counts the number of particular person words in a string.