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What’s Anxiousness, Exactly?

So we strongly advocate that you go away the default as it is, i.e. with the metadata ToC at the finish of the book. Also note that if you disable the era of the top-of-file ToC the resulting MOBI file could not perform correctly on a Kindle, since the Kindle’s use the metadata ToC for a lot of things, together with the Page Flip characteristic. You cannot use wireless units whereas driving, even with a hands-free gadget.

The proven fact that it is part of the textual content in MOBI is an accident attributable to the limitations of MOBI. If you desire a ToC at a specific location in your doc text, create one by hand.

physical devices

If you ship a MOBI file to an e-ink Kindle with calibre using a USB connection, calibre works round this Amazon bug by uploading a canopy thumbnail itself. However, that workaround is simply potential when using a USB connection and sending with calibre. Note that when you ship using e-mail, Amazon will mechanically mark the MOBI file as a Personal Document and the cover will work, however the book will show up in Personal Documents. When the download fails, it refuses to fallback to the duvet defined in the MOBI file. This is likely deliberate on Amazon’s part to try to drive authors to promote only through them. In different phrases, the Kindle only displays covers for books marked as Personal Documents or books bought directly from Amazon.

When converting to MOBI, calibre detects the metadata ToC within the input document and generates an end-of-file ToC in the output MOBI file. You can turn this off by an choice in the MOBI Output settings. You can even inform calibre whether or not to place it firstly or the tip of the e-book via an option in the MOBI Output settings. Remember this ToC is semantically a metadata ToC, in any format other than MOBI it can’t not be a part of the textual content.