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Song Bac Toh is now with Cisco Systems within the US and he gave me some clues about his experiment – which I even have tried, succesfully. The attenuation of sound in air is because of a number of components including viscous, thermal and rotational losses (∝f2); and vibrational relaxation of gas molecules. The attenuation of sound is determined by temperature, water-vapour content material and frequency. A mirage is the place you see an object that is on the ground in the distance however it seems like it’s both floating above the bottom or reflected off the floor.

physics education

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It is a result of the different densities of air above the floor brought on by heating . However an identical impact could be seen if you shine a laser right into a tank containing concentrated sugar solution on to which a layer of water has been gently poured; the light bends down towards the more concentrated area. A good EEI can be just like the one above however to vary the concentration of solute quite than temperature. Some experiments seems to show a linear relationship for sugar and others a curve (who to imagine?). Others present a linear relationship for a while after which a curve. You may contemplate making a collection of measurements at completely different water depths and plotting them to see if RI is fixed over the vary of depths.

The accuracy of the smaller depths could be commented upon. You could always carry out this on a hotplate as in the above experiment and look at RI vs temperature, or you could consider one thing more imaginative. My due to Prof. Shyam Singh, Department of Physics, University of Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia for this suggestion . You are in all probability familiar with the way in which some rooms echo whereas others all the time sound really quiet. The finest measure of this acoustic property of a room is named reverberation time. Reverberation is the persistence of sound in a specific space after the original sound is stopped. A reverberation, or reverb, is created when a sound is produced in an enclosed house inflicting numerous echoes to build up after which slowly decay because the sound is absorbed by the walls and air.

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The reverberation time is the time required for reflections of a direct sound to decay by 60 dB below the level of the direct sound. The reverberation time receives special consideration in the architectural design of enormous chambers, which need to have specific reverberation instances to achieve optimum performance for their supposed activity. Yet there stays the query of what variables influence the frequency of the singing wine glass, and testing the frequency heard is just one facet, and a little bit simple for an intensive going physicist. The share of water from the highest/backside of the glass? Indeed, the holy grail of singing wine glasses is to arrive at a formula that predicts the frequency that might be heard, for properly justified causes. This could be discoverable utilizing your fancy calculator, however that’s maths not physics. You could make a wine glass sing a pure tone by rubbing your degreased and wetted finger across the rim.