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physics education

The settling velocity of such aggregates and primary soil particles is of basic importance to the processes of sediment transport and deposition in water. A great EEI could be to check factors influencing settling velocity. A bottom withdrawal tube technique is commonly used for the direct measurement of the settling velocity distribution of soil aggregates or particles of different sizes that settle collectively. The capability of a sunscreen to protect the user from UV radiation is outlined as the Sun Protection Factor . Some good EEIs have been carried out on wanting on the effectiveness of sunscreens in blocking totally different wavelengths. It could also be exhausting to get a laboratory source of UV so you would do it with simply the Sun. I’ve seen some accomplished with light-delicate paper to measure the sunlight getting via a thin film.

physics education

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Usually college students increase the frequency and observe the value at which a stable patterns emerges and take a photo. This is notnecessarily good EEI as there is nothing a lot to analyse; all you’ve got carried out is redo an illustration that has been carried out one million times over the past 220 years. Perhaps comparing square plates of various thickness maybe more fruitful; or perhaps square ones of similar thickness however totally different areas. That method you’ll be able to manipulate two continuous variables .

If it was connected to the underside of an digital stability you would record its mass as time handed – however only after it began to melt . The number of drops per minute can be a measure of its melting price but so could be the change in mass per minute . So work out its change in mass per minute (in g/min, or g/s, or kg/s – no matter you assume greatest) and plot this towards time elapsed . A graph of mass vs time elapsed should be a curve; and the instantaneous slope at a specific time will be the rate. This ought to remind you of a number of the rate graphs from chemistry.

Student from Wynnum State High made her Chladni plate vibrator from instructions at Instructables. A good EEI could be to take an icecube and let it heat up and soften within the air.

Yr 12 Physics pupil at St Patrick’s College, Mackay, Queensland, used different SFP sunscreens smeared on Gladwrap. But even though they could be enjoyable and look fascinating, as an EEI they can be fairly hopeless – so be warned!!