Software engineering in building a system and assumes that you can make software very easily in a very short time. In practice, actually any approach you take to achieve your goals is fine to do. You may use other engineering approaches in making software, such as using a system commonly used in automotive technology manufacturing processes. The following are several reasons why software engineering is very important:

Software Engineering

Reducing Complexity

Software with a large scale and complex is very difficult to develop. To overcome this, software engineering can be applied as a solution to reduce the complexity of each project by dividing a large set of problems into several smaller problems. Thus, problems can be solved with solutions that are worked on one by one. With this technique each small problem can be solved independently of one another.

To minimize software costs

Software requires a lot of hard work and on the other hand a software engineer is an expert at a high cost. Most people focus on building software with millions of lines of code. But in software engineering, programmers have to plan everything and reduce everything that is considered unimportant. As a result, the production cost of software development can be reduced compared to other software development that does not use a software engineering approach.

To reduce the time

Everything that is not made based on planning always takes more time. And if we make software that has a large scope then you have to run a lot of program code to make the code run optimally. It is very time consuming. If it is not handled with good management then this will actually take a lot of time.

Ensure Software Reliability

Software must be reliable, reliable means that the software that is built must work according to a predetermined time. And if there are errors in making the software, the company must solve these problems. In software engineering, there are testing and maintenance techniques that must be carried out to ensure software reliability.


Every company can increase productivity. Each project can be reduced in cost and takes less time to work on. Software productivity can be generated due to the existence of a testing system in every smallest part of a process. If it doesn’t pass the test, then a developer must fix it until it finally reaches an applicable standard.