data structures

If a unicode string is specified as first argument, the buffer is made one item larger than the length of the string so that the last element within the array is a NUL termination character. An integer can be handed as second argument which permits specifying the dimensions of the array if the length of the string should not be used. init_or_size must be an integer which specifies the scale of the array, or a unicode string which might be used to initialize the array gadgets.

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This object is just exposed for debugging; by no means modify the contents of this dictionary. tuple; it should return an object that can be utilized as a operate name parameter. If the first parameter is an eight-bit string, it’s transformed right into a unicode string based on ctypes conversion rules.

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data structures

datatype, which should be a pointer to a zero-terminated broad character string. The constructor accepts an integer handle, or a string. attribute is retrieved from a ctypes instance, usually a brand new object is returned each time. ctypes does not implement unique object return, always a brand new object is constructed. The similar is true for all other ctypes object instances. or a dictionary containing Python objects that have to be kept alive so that the memory block contents is saved legitimate.

Typical implementations allocate contiguous reminiscence phrases for the weather of arrays . SalmonScape is an interactive mapping software designed to display and report a variety of knowledge related to salmon distribution, standing, and habitats. The knowledge sources utilized by SalmonScape include stream specific fish and habitat knowledge, and information about stock status and recovery evaluations. contents¶Returns the object to which to pointer points. Assigning to this attribute changes the pointer to point to the assigned object. _anonymous_¶An optionally available sequence that lists the names of unnamed fields._anonymous_ must be already defined when _fields_ is assigned, otherwise it’ll don’t have any impact. Later assignments to the _fields_ class variable will elevate an AttributeError.