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He mentioned “it isn’t pretty but does give a measure of the antenna efficiency in relative phrases”. The Yagi antenna shown above is a business antenna and transmitter and the student verified the expected sample. Students at Nanango State High School under the expert guidance of Physics instructor Mr Peter Cavallaro took a different approach. His college students designed and built their very own antenna, a rather easy one – 3 component Yagi, optimised it on antenna design software and designed their own transmitter on 5Spice . Peter admitted it was an enormous project design and construct, and didn’t end in the time-frame allowed however is hoping to take additional in years to come.

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Slow movement video of Gaussian Gun in action filmed in a Year 11 Physics class at Moreton Bay College, Brisbane by Cassie Edwards. Three separate interactions filmed at 240fps on iPhone 6. Sam, Natasha and Chloe’s setup at Moreton Bay College. They used a Vernier photogate and LabQuest knowledge logger to measure the speeds of the balls at different phases. The commonest strategy for college kids, including mine at Moreton Bay College, is to look at the change in velocity of the balls as they go although successive levels of a Gaussian Gun.

The resulting force is proportional to the speed, but acts in the wrong way, slowing the movement and absorbing power. Vertically droop a brass ‘weights’ hanger from a spring and measure oscillation interval as masses added; then make a cardboard damper and take a look at once more. Measure time of contact utilizing Alfoil strips on the ball and shoe as a timing change; measure time of flight, range, angle, stress).

physics education

The Theremin is a device that detects adjustments within the electromagnetic area that it radiates and by use of clever electronics makes use of the changes to alter the frequency of a sound generator. It was used within the development of the Keck Observatory in Hawaii. As the Keck’s mirror was four occasions larger than any other constructed before it, careful alignment of the mirrors was essential. The Theremin may detect changes within the place of objects all the way down to nanometres. For an EEI, why not construct a Theremin from a equipment and investigate what modifications its output? If you’re after a excessive-powered analysis project for your EEI you could strive the next – suggested to me by Steve Hutcheon . Peter saved his design low-tech so there is no reason any faculty couldn’t reproduce it.

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The KE added at each stage should be the identical so the velocities at each stage should enhance in a predictable fashion. There are some errors that creep in but these may be dealt with. The second well-liked investigation is to check 2, three, or 4 balls on the right-facet of the magnet. A nice EEI could be to have a look at the fluctuations at various depths as a warmth source is applied and eliminated on the surface. Maybe get a plastic pipe, drill holes every 10 cm or whatever, fill it with the soil being investigated, stick some thermometers in and place a heat lamp at the finish and turn it on for half-hour after which off for half-hour and so forth. If you had a datalogger and a digital timer for the lamp you would go away it go for a number of days.