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Consider utilizing the calibre Content server to make your books out there on other computer systems. Run calibre on a single computer and access it through the Content server or a Remote Desktop resolution. In that case, proper-click on the calibre icon within the toolbar and level it to the newly copied folder.

You will now have two calibre libraries on your laptop and you may switch between them by clicking the calibre icon on the toolbar. Transferring your library on this method preserver all your metadata, tags, custom columns, and so forth. This import/export functionality is simply out there from calibre model 2.47 onwards. If you have an older model of calibre, or when you encounter problems with the import/export, you possibly can simply copy over your calibre library folder manually, as described within the next paragraph. Select the folder with the exported information that you just copied over earlier. Go via the list one after the other, and select the brand new location for every library . Click OK. After the import completes, calibre will restart, with all your old libraries, settings and calibre plugins.

Calibre Freezes

Note that uninstalling doesn’t touch your books or settings. If you must share the actual library, use a file syncing software like DropBox or rsync instead of a networked drive. If you’re using a file-syncing device it’s essential that you be sure that both calibre and the file syncing software do not try to entry the calibre library on the same time. In other words, do not run the file syncing software and calibre at the similar time.

Gadget Integration¶

physical devices

Press OK, at which level calibre will change the authors in all of your books. When recalculating the author sort values for books, calibre uses the writer type values for every individual author. Therefore, ensure that the person author sort values are correct before recalculating the books’ writer type values. The library folder and all its contents make up what known as a calibre library. To handle the libraries, click the calibre icon on the toolbar.