computer networks

Serial Communication

Computer community is a telecommunication channel using which we can share data with different coomputers or gadgets, related to the identical network. Data Communication and community have changed the best way enterprise and different every day affair works. Now, they extremely depend on laptop networks and internetwork.

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The wonderful thing here is that there isn’t any general controlling network. Instead, there are a number of high-degree networks connecting to one another via Network Access Points or NAPs.

Computer Networks Questions & Solutions

You may also discover completely different protocols used at each layer of the OSI model along with the professionals and cons of that protocol. Serial communication is a time period used to explain techniques used for telecommunications, in addition to sure technologies used for computing. When using serial communication, just one bit is transferred at a time, for example over a communication channel or computer bus.

computer networks

This is completely different to parallel communication, where a number of bits are sent on the same time. Many pc networks, in addition to many strains where knowledge is transferred over a protracted distance use serial communication. Not so way back, computer systems have been all made by different firms, worked in different methods, and couldn’t communicate with each other. Often, they didn’t even have the same kinds of plugs and sockets on their instances! During the 1980s and 1990s, every little thing turned much more standardized and it is now possible to attach nearly any machine to any other and get them exchanging information without too much effort. That’s largely because most networks now use the same system, called Ethernet. It was developed in May 1973 by US pc engineer Dr Robert (“Bob”) Metcalfe (1946–), who went on to discovered 3Com and later grew to become a well-known pc-business pundit .