What is a software house? In short, it is a software or application development service company according to what the client wants. There are so many software houses in Indonesia, if your company is looking for the best, don’t be careless. You need to research in detail, because this concerns a company. Don’t you think the software that has been made doesn’t even match what you want? Don’t let it be expensive – it’s expensive to buy even zonk.

1. Check Portfolio

The first thing when you decide to use the services of a software house is to check the portfolio. Usually in the portfolio detailed information on the clients that have been handled. You need to be observant to see if the previous client’s work was good or not. Even for trivial things, like how many years the software house has been running. Is it new or has it been developing for a long time. This needs to be considered too, because having high flying hours usually already understands very well what to do. Thus minimizing the obstacles. So don’t miss this step!

2. Client Review

Every time you buy a product on the marketplace, the first thing you see is the comments from its customers. Promising comments make you sure to buy. Likewise, if you are going to choose the best software house, it is necessary to look at reviews or previous client comments for consideration. You can compare whether more reviews are satisfied or disappointed, so it will be easier for you to choose the right partner.

3. Working Hours

This is often forgotten by business people when choosing a software house. Yet this is very crucial. When you partner, you definitely want a good communication to work together. Therefore, the working hours of the software house you choose must have the same working hours as your company. If they are different, of course there will be obstacles in the future, such as miscommunication etc.

4. Price

Before dealing with the software house you choose, you must negotiate the right price. This becomes necessary because it is related to company expenses, where the budget issued must be in accordance with the expected performance. That becomes important, because you don’t have to spend a lot of budget, while the results are not satisfactory. Therefore, at the beginning it is necessary to discuss this matter.

5. Working Time

So, don’t miss this one tip. You have to ask about how long it takes to process. The ideal is neither too long nor too fast. Give a sufficient time target, and properly discuss the middle way in order to reach a mutual agreement.

Choosing the right software house for a company is not an easy matter. Good, easy, and effective software will benefit the company. Therefore, the tips above you need to apply. Don’t forget, also make sure that the software house you choose has the potential to make your business or company grow. If your company still hasn’t found the right software house.