data structures

Count Vowels – Enter a string and the program counts the variety of vowels in the text. For added complexity have it report a sum of every vowel found. Reverse a String – Enter a string and this system will reverse it and print it out. Connected Graph – Create a program which takes a graph as an enter and outputs whether or not every node is related or not. Eulerian Path – Create a program which is able to take as an enter a graph and output either a Eulerian path or a Eulerian cycle, or state that it is not possible.

17 1.6. Calling Capabilities With Your Individual Custom Knowledge Varieties¶

A Eulerian Path begins at one node and traverses each edge of a graph through every node and finishes at one other node. A Eulerian cycle is a eulerian Path that begins and finishes on the identical node.

Knowledge Structures¶

Graph from hyperlinks – Create a program that may create a graph or community from a series of links. Complex Number Algebra – Show addition, multiplication, negation, and inversion of advanced numbers in separate capabilities. (Subtraction and division operations could be made with pairs of those operations.) Print the results for each operation examined. Unit Converter – Converts various units between one another.

data structures

17 2.Three. International Capabilities¶

Then create an inventory class which keeps observe of assorted merchandise and may sum up the stock value. Bandwidth Monitor – A small utility program that tracks how much knowledge you have uploaded and downloaded from the online in the course of the course of your current on-line session. See if yow will discover out what durations of the day you utilize more and less and generate a report or graph that shows it.

After you have established an worker hierarchy, create a Company class that lets you manage the employees. Product Inventory Project – Create an software which manages a listing of products. Create a product class which has a value, id, and amount available.